Executive Career Coaching

Executive Career Coaching – The Glenda May Way

Are you at a crossroads in your career?

Would you like to feel more in control of your career trajectory?

Would you like to identify your personal and professional strengths and harness them to better serve you, your colleagues and clients?

Career coaching can provide valuable insight, unleash your creativity and identify avenues for new and exciting career opportunities.

Glenda May offers a flexible and confidential one-on-one coaching service for business managers, leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to obtain and maintain the competitive edge.

In her time as a corporate psychologist, Glenda has helped employees and employers alike to overcome professional challenges and truly succeed in their chosen fields. Some have achieved promotions, others have changed careers, and many more have negotiated increased salary packages and achieved successful work-life balance.

Glenda’s greatest love is to see her clients succeed.

Executive Career Coaching Tailored to You

Glenda May is a psychologist, corporate trainer and career coach with over twenty years’ experience helping people to achieve their career goals.

Her one-on-one career coaching provides individuals with a customised training program specific to their objectives:

  •    Writing a professional, 21st-century resume and job application that responds to specific selection criteria and speaks volumes to your prospective employer
  •    Preparing for a behavioural interview to help you overcome your nerves and stand out from the competition
  •    Identifying and exploring your key skills and strengths
  •   Clarifying and developing your personal brand to increase your online and real-world visibility

Glenda uses the latest models in organisational psychology, including the popular Myers Briggs Testing Instrument and the more rigorous Hogan Personality Inventory.

These are utilised to help you identify your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. She will then coach you to harness these for better career outcomes.

Together, you will work to create a strategy for career success with measurable and achievable goals toward your end game.

But sometimes to get to the end game, you have to play the long game.

While Glenda is happy to offer single coaching sessions, finding lasting success through career coaching really involves a long game strategy. Chances are you too (like many of her coachees) will gain a considerable amount more from ongoing coaching sessions.

Scheduled on a fortnightly or monthly basis, these successive, hour-long sessions will allow you to reflect upon your goals and achievements, and workshop steps to achieve the career of your ambitions.

You can choose to meet with Glenda at your office, her office in St Kilda Road, or your favourite café- the choice is entirely yours.

Glenda May’s way is all about giving you the map to navigate your way to real success. To find your true north, contact Glenda today to get started.



Glenda is an exceptional coach and facilitator. Her ability to connect on all levels enables her to form strong and lasting client relationships. This directly feeds into increased self awareness and positive and effective results for her clients. I can recommend Glenda to anyone looking to develop themselves

Alan Kilfoyle, Owner 4SeasonsConsulting.

Glenda is an extremely supportive coach and mentor. 

I have worked with Glenda for 12 months now and found her to be very positive, encouraging and creative with her guidance. 
We have worked together on understanding my current skill set and personality type and how we can utilise this existing base to steer myself on the career path of my choosing. 

Personally I have made great strides in using my strengths in my current role, become more confident in my day to day work and also become a better leader for my team members. This is due to the great work Glenda has done and the strategies she has taught me in regards to managing my tasks, emotions and the development of others.

I would highly recommend Glenda as a coach and mentor and encourage others to embrace the process and the teachings of Glenda as an expert in the field.  

Kelly Anne, Finance Manager