Executive Coaching

You’d employ a personal trainer to improve your fitness regime. So why not use a coach for your own professional career?

It has become common for managers and executives to seek the services of coaches and mentors. The pressures to perform and to be at the top of your game, sometimes mean an outside perspective could be helpful. We offer a flexible and totally confidential one-on-one coaching to business managers and leaders wanting to maintain that competitive edge.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is an intensive one on one session offered to senior managers and executives to enable them to gain that extra edge in both their personal and professional lives.

Who works with an executive coach?

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals or anyone wanting to more effective, solve complex problems, identify goals and create plans.

How does a typical coaching session work?

Typically each session lasts for approximately 1 hour. Initially, a number of sessions are required to establish needs and identify the issues the client wishes to focus on. Some clients prefer a regular coaching session, say once a week, while others prefer once a month. This is of course dependent on the client, their specific needs and timeframe. Sessions can be conducted on site at your premises at a time convenient to you, or held off site if required. Some clients prefer to utilise the convenience of telephone consultations.

What you can expect?

Expect to be challenged and to learn a lot about yourself. Of course all discussions are strictly confidential between the coach and the client. Expect to be asked lots of questions. Successive sessions will see the creation of tactics and plans to help you achieve your goals. Each plan is tailored to your own individual requirements. Just like personal fitness training, coaching covers assessment of where you are right now, goals of where you where you would like to be and the formulation of plans to help you achieve them.

Coaching helps

  • Identify opportunities
  • Unleash your own creativity and that of your team
  • Breakthrough blockages
  • Create positive motivation
  • Unleash your own energy and potential
  • Improve productivity 

Our Coaching Model

We use a number of different peak performance models and techniques. Each is designed to focus on different aspects of your goal achievement plan.

Psychometric assessments are at times used to assist clarification of your strengths and derailers.

Glenda May is fully accredited internationally as an Executive Coach through Korn/Ferry International which is allied to the International Coaching Federation.

She is a certified presenter of “Effective Coaching Skills” for General Electric, a Leadership Development program of GE Crotonville Leadership Centre, New York, USA.

As a qualified and accredited coach, Glenda combines her coaching skills and extensive business experience to empower executives to define, plan and deliver on their professional goals.  


Glenda is an exceptional coach and facilitator. Her ability to connect on all levels enables her to form strong and lasting client relationships. This directly feeds into increased self awareness and positive and effective results for her clients. I can recommend Glenda to anyone looking to develop themselves

Alan Kilfoyle, Owner 4SeasonsConsulting.

Glenda is an extremely supportive coach and mentor. 

I have worked with Glenda for 12 months now and found her to be very positive, encouraging and creative with her guidance. 
We have worked together on understanding my current skill set and personality type and how we can utilise this existing base to steer myself on the career path of my choosing. 

Personally I have made great strides in using my strengths in my current role, become more confident in my day to day work and also become a better leader for my team members. This is due to the great work Glenda has done and the strategies she has taught me in regards to managing my tasks, emotions and the development of others.

I would highly recommend Glenda as a coach and mentor and encourage others to embrace the process and the teachings of Glenda as an expert in the field.  

Kelly Anne, Finance Manager