Keynote Presentations

The aim in any presentation, be it a short keynote address, or a more interactive half-day seminar, is to leave people with your key messages and feeling inspired to put new ideas and strategies into practice.

Glenda’s motivating style enables her to relate easily and effectively to all levels in the workplace. She is an international successful and dynamic presenter who communicates with clarity.  Glenda never fails to captivate her audience by her subject knowledge, sense of humour and her down-to-earth attitude towards learning and living.

Examples include:

  • CPA Australia
- Career Development Month
  • “Managing Stress in a Dynamic Workplace”
”Become an Assertive Negotiator”
”Dealing with Difficult Situations”
  • “Get it Write”
  • Australian Institute of Management (AIM) 
- “Are you Receiving Me? Discover the Power of Active Listening”
  • “Leadership and Interpersonal Skills”
  • “Let’s have a Meeting”

AHRI Performance Management Conference 
Keynote speaker – “Performance Management: What is it? What is it not?”

The Proactive PA and Office Manager Conference 
- “Time to Take Charge…by enhancing your interpersonal skills”

Australian Businesswomen’s Network
- “Managing your time: how to ensure you ‘get around to it’ “