Business Writing – write it right!

Benefits to individuals: Become more confident personally and professionally

Value for organisations:
Clearly presented, thoroughly researched, well-written and concise reporting is an important element in workplace efficiency and customer service.  A survey by the National Training Council shows that many feel unable to write satisfactorily, and do not use this communication method effectively.

A poorly written or presented business letter or report can spell the difference between achieving the sale or losing the customer; appeasing or antagonising the customer; obtaining agreement or prolonging negotiation; informing or misinforming.

Target audience
This course is designed to help anyone who writes emails, letters, reports, and business documents.

Once the course is completed you should be able to:

  • Structure and plan your work in a logical progression
  • Write appropriately for your audience
  • Write simply and clearly
  • Write business correspondence in ‘user friendly’ language while presenting a professional image

Course content:

  • Planning and structure
  • Organising your data
  • Characteristics of effective business writing
  • How to communicate well with letters and email
  • Rewriting, editing and proofreading
  • Grammar is covered in short blocks at intervals throughout the day.

We believe that training should be lively, relaxed and fun as well as full of content. Participants will be actively engaged and will prepare written work which will be analysed and assessed by the trainer.

Because the process of writing can be daunting to many people, we use innovative, creative and  time-effective approaches to writing , eg. clustering and mind-mapping.

Feedback to participants will be constructive and non-threatening