Your Time, Your Work, Your Life

Life balance is important for everyone in an organisation, regardless of function or seniority. Everyone is working under extreme pressure.  Invariably they say there is not enough time to complete the tasks that are necessary.  Further, they have difficulty assigning priorities to tasks and are often not sure what to do first.

This program looks at how to address these issues.  You’ll learn how to make time work for you so you will remain energetic and positive, and balance competing demands.


This one-day program will provide you with the tools and techniques to:

  • Analyse the use of your time
  • Identify and deal with timewasters
  • More effectively prioritise
  • Avoid the tyranny of the urgent
  • Communicate workload issues
  • Use technology and not have it abuse you
  • Balance competing demands

Key Content

  • Time Management = self management
    • Take action or influence
    • The Pleasure-Pain Principle
  • Planning and Prioritising
    • Distinguishing between urgent and important
    • The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)
    • Tips for ‘Quality’ rather than ‘perfection’
  • The Covey Quadrants: The Time Management Matrix
    • Differentiating between urgent and important
    • Living in the four quadrants
  • Assertively negotiating with Interruptions
    • How to control interruptions using body language and assertion
    • Saying “No” while still respecting the relationship
  • Streamlining your Desk and Organising your Work Area
    • Clearing the clutter
    • The five “D’s” of paper warfare
  • The Electronic Work Environment
    • Using technology to control – not waste time
    • Email etiquette
  • SMART Goal- setting
    • The power of goals
    • Secrets of successful goal-setting
  • Juggling multiple priorities 
    • Achieving balance between work and personal dimensions
    • The Wheel of Life

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