Developing your Emotional Intelligence


­The rules of success are changing. Success used to be measured by what we knew, or how smart we were. But today it’s how we handle ourselves and our relationships. Successful leaders combine strong interpersonal skills with technical knowledge to improve their potential and performance. These are the ideas of Daniel Goleman, Harvard researcher and author of the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence, published in the late 90’s. Contrasted with the traditional Intelligence Quotient (IQ) emotional intelligence is largely learned and continues to develop as we go through life, learning from our experiences.

The core competencies of EI provide the foundation to further develop your intra/interpersonal skills. In this course, you learn to apply EI to motivate and engage your teams, foster cooperative working relationships, and improve your overall effectiveness.


The key content of this seminar covers

  • Identifying the four EI competencies that deliver leadership success
  • Mapping your your own level of EI and personal style through self-reflection
  • Clarifying your values
  • Living EI in your job
  • Building resilience and optimism
  • Uncovering negative self-talk patterns
  • Reframing thoughts and perspectives to achieve a positive outcome
  • Emotional Self-Management: Taking responsibility for your emotionally-charged responses; Managing Stress. Personal Goal-Setting.
  • Monitoring the emotional responses of others
  • Communicating with authenticity and empathy
  • The role of emotions in the workplace and the impact of EI on leadership
  • How emotionally intelligent leadership increases the performance of others
    • Fostering positive workplace relationships by empathising, understanding and communicating with others
    • Creating an individual EI action plan

This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. Extensive activities throughout provide practical experience in leading with Emotional Intelligence.

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