Hiring the Right Person

Have you ever made a wrong hiring decision? You’re not the only one.

Research shows that 30% of managers would not re-employ their most recent new recruits. They admit that somehow they got it wrong in the selection process!

Did you know that hiring the wrong person could cost twice the person’s salary?

Because of wasted training time, poor customer service, increased learning curve, mistakes in production, and your existing team becoming de-motivated and resentful.


A program for managers to build and develop behavioural interviewing skills:

Learning Objectives

This workshop will improve your selection decision, so you are more likely to choose the right person for the job.

We provide you with detailed guidelines, skills and tipsheets to increase the reliability of your selection decisions.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Saves money, time and stress
  • Team morale is high because the new employee is a good fit into the culture
  • Enhanced employee engagement and therefore longer retention


  • Identifying skills and competencies for the job
  • Effective advertising and shortlisting
  • Choosing selection techniques: work tests, work samples, observed tasks.
  • Developing the right questions to address the key selection criteria
  • Legal considerations
  • Structuring the interview
  • Reference checks using behavioural interviews for referees


This course is highly participative and practical including a number of activities, micro-skills practice, best practice case studies and demonstrations. It is conducted in an informal and mutually supportive environment.

Each participant is provided with a comprehensive manual including laminated ‘tip sheets’ and check lists to use following the course.

Delivery – We deliver this program in-house

Duration: While we typically deliver this program over 2 days, this may change as we customise the program for you.

Please note that all our programs are customised following our consultation with you and understanding of the target audience and your business needs.

“Thanks again for your tutorage. You are an amazing trainer! I got a lot more information out of my interviewee too and realise that an appropriate amount of preparation is required – something I will do in future” – Ben, Strategic Director