Keynote and Conference Presentations

“Lunch ‘n’ Learn topics we have tailored for the audience.

  • We are all biased – why should we pay attention to this ‘unconscious bias’?
  • Unconscious Bias: A hidden source of unfairness in hiring
  • Put the praise in appraisal
  • “I’m intelligent enough – why do I have to be emotionally intelligent as well?”
  • The role of emotions in the workplace
  • How to get more Time in your Life
  • Tips for Breaking through the Glass Ceiling
  • Authentic Leadership: The leadership challenge for women in male-dominated organisations
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias
  • Inspirational Leadership in 10 easy steps
  • The Art of Feedback
  • Put the ‘praise’ in appraisals
  • Create a Career you Love
  • ‘We need to talk” – Courageous Conversations

Conference Presentations

Glenda has been an invited speaker for:

  • International Congress of Psychologists: Paris 2014
    “Authentic Leadership: The leadership challenge for women in male-dominated organisations”
  • International Congress of Psychology Japan 2016
    “Beyond Bias. Managing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace”
  • Romanian American University 2016 “Leading with Emotional Intelligence”
  • University Aix Marseille“Leading with Emotional Intelligence”
  • Australian Institute of Management “How to get More Time in your Life”
  • Chisholm University “Steer your Career”
  • Worksafe Victoria: ”Overcoming Unconscious Bias”