Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Do you know how to manage your emotions and deal with difficult situations?

Audience:  This program is for people who are eager to develop their own emotional capabilities and understand how to deal with emotional situations at work.

Throughout our working lives we often encounter a variety of situations that can be challenging and sometimes even confronting. Whilst we are usually highly skilled and trained in our specialised roles, we often have received little or no training in how to manage our emotions in workplace situations that are stressful, difficult and/or confronting.

This program teaches highly effective processes to enable you to identify when these challenges arise and provide practical and useable tools to assist you to deal with difficult situations proactively.

Learning objectives

When you have completed this program you will be able to:

  •  Develop greater emotional self awareness
  •  Become better equipped to manage your emotions
  •  Develop increased insight into the cost of poor emotional self-management
  •  Understand the way emotional intelligence can build collaboration, trust and openness in their workplace


  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • History and why EI is a primal leadership capability in the modern workplace
  • Identifying the four EI competencies that deliver leadership success
  • Mapping your own level of EI and personal style through self-reflection
  • Clarifying your values
  • Uncovering negative self-talk patterns
  • Learning to be more optimistic
  • Reframing thoughts and perspectives to achieve a positive outcome
  • Emotional Self-Management: Taking responsibility for your emotionally-charged responses in stressful situations
  • Monitoring the emotional responses of others
  • Communicating with authenticity and empathy
  • The role of emotions in the workplace and the impact of EI on leadership
  • How emotionally intelligent leadership increases the performance of others

Delivery – We deliver this program in-house

Methodology – This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. Extensive activities throughout provide practical experience in Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

Duration: While we typically deliver this program over 2 days, this may change as we customise the program for you.

Please note that all our programs are customised following our consultation with you and our understanding of the target audience and your business needs.

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