Performance Appraisal and Feedback


For managers and team members


You will learn how to:

  • use Performance Management documentation to support a conversation with your team member/ manager about their performance
  • give, receive, and encourage, positive and supportive feedback
  • assess performance fairly and objectively

Discuss good and poor performance openly, respectfully and constructively;
This course will take you through all the stages of the performance management process –how to prepare for a performance discussion, how to conduct the meeting, and how to document the discussion.


  • Linking Performance Objectives to Strategic Plans
  • Measuring Quantity, Quality, Cost and Time as success indicators for the job.
  • Tips for measuring the ‘unmeasurables’
  • Setting expectations and reaching agreement
  • Implementing a Culture of Feedback
  • How to give, receive and encourage constructive feedback
  • Delivering your feedback so it is heard
  • Recognising and rewarding performance excellence
  • Every day feedback conversations
  • Assessing and rating progress
  • Preparing for a performance conversation
  • Managing a difficult conversation


The course is highly practical and interactive including skills practice, case studies of best practice, and examples of completed documentation.

Delivery – We deliver this program in-house

Duration: We typically deliver this program over a full day for managers, and a half-day for team members.

Please note that all our programs are customised following our consultation with you and understanding of the target audience and your business needs.