Train the Trainer

Would you like all of the training in your organisation to be more effective?


  • You have been asked to take on some training responsibilities
  • You want to improve your training delivery skills
  • You want to begin a career as a trainer

Learning Objectives

You will

  • dramatically improve your ability to present concepts to attendees
  • create a dynamic, effective learning environment
  • design and deliver training that meets the learning objectives and responds to participant needs


  • Understanding adult learning
  • Your preparation:
  • Key skills for trainers
  • Introducing yourself with confidence
  • Opening a session to grab attention and closing it with impact
  • Structuring your session : The ABCD model
  • Delivering your session
  • Handling difficult and unexpected situations;
  • Interactive “Lectures”
  • Using small groups effectively:
  • Managing Nervousness
  • Evaluating your session: more than the ‘happy sheet’

Delivery – We deliver this program in-house


Demonstrating adult learning, this workshop is highly interactive – with skill-building activities that enhance skills and strengths and use actual participant scenarios as far as possible. All participants will develop and present a small training session during the program. To help you succeed as a trainer, you will receive in-session constructive coaching from Glenda May, an expert international trainer.

Duration: While we typically deliver this program over 2 days, this may change as we customise the program for you.

If you would like a more intensive individualised program for you, consider our Master Trainer’s Mentor where we mentor you personally over an extended period of time.

Please note that all our programs are customised following our consultation with you and our understanding of the target audience and your business needs.

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    Thank you for the past two days of insights and ideas. I sincerely appreciated the tips and models that you shared with us and will definitely put them to good use as I plan for my training programs going forward. It was wonderful to watch you as a trainer in action as well and I enjoyed your energy with structure- to me, watching a trainer who is ‘walking their talk’ is one of the most valuable ways that learning can be reinforced and made available for modelling – Sharon Koh